Julia Simoniello, also known by Sane Simoniello, or Julia Sane, creates music. Here are some of her solo and collaborative projects as a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and composer.


Strega Nona

A four-piece from New York combining elements of black metal, shoegaze, and post-rock. Formerly known as Vantablack. Strega Nona is an aggressive blend of post-rock, shoegaze, and black metal from New York City that combines overwhelming melodies, intense dissonance and blast beats.


Sane Simoniello

Sane Simoniello is a sing-songwriter and composer, writing works on guitar, keyboard, and looped vocals.


Kevin Norton's Breakfast of Champignons

Breakfast of Champignons includes (and has included) Esther Noh, Helen Yee, James Ilgenfritz, Angelica Sanchez, Noah Berman, Steve LaSpina, Julia Simoniello and Kevin Norton. This ensemble explores the borderlands of contemporary chamber music, modern jazz and free improvisation.  All the members of the ensemble can claim roots in these various sub-genres of music, while also claiming to be unique, impressive and sincere contributors on their respective instruments. This group has performed in renowned, historic NYC venues as Roulette and The Stone.



Yeti is a queer feminist dream punk trio from Staten Island, NY. Combining elements of punk and jazz, Yeti createsprovocative music that transcends the boundaries of modern composition. Their hyperlocal social activism directly addresses the community around them, aiming to create important conversations.  


See You Next Today

A trio of experimental musicians from Staten Island, New York.